Leather, Chemicals, Gases, Pharmaceuticals Intermediates, Bulk Drugs and Formulation, Pesticides, Dyes and Dyes Intermediates, Plastic / Resins, Paper Products, Textile Yarns, Fabrics and Garments, Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, Electronics, new and second hand Machinery, Instruments / Equipments, Spare parts and components, etc.
Bulk Consignments of Rice, Pulses, Steel, Project Machinery, Huge and Odd Dimension Packages, ISO Tank containers and Re-Import & Re-Export cylinders Under Duty Drawback, DEPB Scheme, Advance Licence, EPCG Licence, 100% EOU, Free Trade zone, Project Imports, etc.
Pre & Post Export benefits viz. Drawback, DEPB, Advance / EPCG / DFCE / DFIA etc. in Customs as well as in Jt.DGFT.
DGFT Matters such as obtaining Importer-Exporter Code, Identity Card, Enrollment Numbers, Licenses such as DEPB / Advance / EPCG / DFCE / DFIA etc. from Jt.DGFT including Redemption / Closing of the same.
Central Excise matters viz., Refund claims, Execution of Excise Bonds (CT1/UT1), Submission of proof of exports, 100% EOU Formalities etc.
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